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Mohamed F. Osman 

In 1988, Professor Osman received his PhD in Fish Nutrition from Goettingen University in Germany. After receiving his PhD he returned to Egypt, where he began in the position as assistant professor, teaching classes in nutritional and fish feed manufactory. In addition to his academic position, he worked as a consultant for feed manufactures, adding new production lines for fish feed in their factories, as well as creating fish feed formulas for Tilapia, Carp and Mullet. In 1993he started in the United Arab Emirates University before he was employed as aquaculture consultant for the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation in 2006. Additionally Professor Osman sat as Chairman of the General Authority for Fish Resources Development (GAFRD) from 2008 and from 2011 as President of the Agriculture Research Center (ARC). In addition to his current position as professor of Fish Nutrition he is Fellow of the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research, coordinator of the marine aquaculture component of the SASME project, board member of the Revision and Reformulation Committee of the Egyptian Agricultural Laws, Vice Chairman of the National Committee for Conservation and Development of the Egyptian Lakes, Board Member of the National Institute of Oceanography and Fishery Council, Scientific Consultant of the Italian – Egyptian Project (MADE), Member of Food Information Security Center (FISC), ex. Member of the WFC Board of Trustees,  Member of the Technical Education Sector and lately he was selected to be the Aquaculture Consultant of the USSEC.

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