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Eric Bink

Eric Bink is Director and founder of Til-Aqua International. He has a Master degree in Aquatic Ecology from University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Together with Hanneke van den Dop (veterinarian), of sister company Til-Vet International, he developed the YY-Technology in the Til-Aqua Tilapia lines. Since 1995 Til-Aqua has been working on the improvement of its YY-Technology now-a-days achieving a male-ratio of 99% with several globally well-known Tilapia female lines. He is convinced that the Tilapia industry must turn away from hormone sex-reversal as soon as possible before this industry is subjected to a wide range of diseases.

His focus is currently on Africa and Central and South America where a total Tilapia hatchery concept is offered (broodstock, systems and training).

Eric is president of the Dutch Aquaculture Experts.

He is married and together with his wife he likes exploring beautiful Africa’s wildlife.

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